New T-shirts and a new Partnership!

Its been a long hot summer here at Dready redeveloping the collection and forging new connections. We're delighted to present the second wave of T-shirts featuring yet more unseen original artwork.

We're also stoked to announce our partnership with Oneman, Dready's first ambassador.

Oneman is an old Dready head and is the embodiment of our spirit and ethos. We're immensely proud to have Oneman spread the good word.

As soon as summer comes to its unavoidable end we'll have the new drop waiting for you; hoodies, hats and bombers. All the gear.

So until then, keep it locked.


Precious Few


Disorder Magazine


New Year, New You

Here at Dready we decided to retrace our roots when conceiving our latest collection.
In 2015 our Dready Originals Collection will feature lost and unseen work from artist and creator of Dready - Robert Sidslaukas.
The art represents the spirit of community, diversity, struggle and achievement, that is as palpable today as it was in the early 80's

We begin our campaign with seven early pieces from Sidslaukas's sketch books; the content ranges from depicting Reagan era nuclear conflict, to British rave culture in the 80s, to marijuana grow houses back when weed wasn't seen as so 'medicinal'!

The way it seems to always go is that the good always die young, and sadly we lost Robert to Crohn's disease in 2012.
In sharing his art we celebrate the unique ethos of unity that inspired Robert every day.  

We hope we can reignite that passion progress and understanding.