Dready got a job to do !! We will continue to spread that message with the love and support of family and friends

For my father creativity was everything. It was how he expressed himself. He was his own art and he used other influences such as music to make an impact on the world. For dad there was one main musical inspiration, his idol Bob Marley. Dad's drawings represented the Rastafarian culture, things that were so very important in his own life; the messages of love, peace, unity and family.

As we look to start this new chapter without him, his spirit, name and creativity will be carried on; with as much love, respect and unity as he showed in his life. Dready is not only a brand, it is a life, a father, a friend and an inspiration for all. You are truly missed dad, I love you.

In memory of - Mr Robert Sidlauskas
07/09/1964 - 28/01/2012

Written by
Dionne Kealiegh Sidlauskas
Original words by Robert Sidlauskus